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Holistic Health & Wellness Public Speaker,
Midlothian, TX 

In the modern, fast-paced world, finding mindfulness, wellness, and overall balance is crucial to your success both personally and professionally. At Restoring Minds Wellness, we recognize that holistic health–encompassing our physical, mental, and emotional aspects–directly impacts our productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Jacqueline Campbell, MA, LPC, Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Coach and an experienced public speaker at everything from corporate events to various conferences and group/club meetings from Midlothian, Texas, who brings a unique and powerful perspective to health and wellness.

Jackie calls on her unique understanding of neuroscience, human psychology, and social dynamics to assist the members of your event in gaining insight into how to have a balanced life. She has a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face on a daily basis. She addresses the need to release past traumas and place trust in our own minds, enabling people to operate at full capacity and face life with clarity and focus.

Seminars by a Keynote Speaker with a Holistic View

Choosing Jackie as the keynote speaker for your next event will empower your organization in numerous ways.

1.Unlock Untapped Potential - One fascinating aspect of Jackie’s approach is the debunking of the myth that the average person only has access to 10% of their brain. She challenges this misconception that has been perpetuated in popular culture by showing individuals how to expand their self-awareness and unlock the untapped potential of their minds.

2.Expertise in Holistic Health - Learn from Jackie’s experience as she shares valuable insights and strategies to help your audience achieve a healthy work-life balance, reduce stress, and enhance their overall health and happiness.

3.Engaging and Inspirational Speaker - Jackie is a dynamic and captivating speaker who knows how to connect with her audience. Her presentations are informative, thought-provoking, and designed to inspire individuals to take proactive steps toward improving their well-being.

4.Customized Approach - Every organization or conference has unique needs and challenges. Jackie takes the time to tailor her presentations to align with your group’s objectives and the specific concerns of your attendees. Her approach ensures that those in attendance receive practical and relevant information that they can apply right away.

5.Integration of Corporate Health and Wellness - Bridge the gap between corporate health and individual well-being. By emphasizing the importance of balance, Jackie helps employees understand how their physical, mental, and emotional health impacts their performance and productivity in the workplace. See our Executive Coaching & Corporate Training page for more details.

Any gathering with Jackie as your keynote speaker will be a powerful event that offers participants the opportunity to delve into a comprehensive approach to personal growth and emotional health. Her message goes beyond conventional training programs by integrating various aspects of human experience, including physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. It provides a holistic perspective on personal development and empowers individuals to tap into their full potential.

Public Speaker, Jacqueline Campbell, of Restoring Minds Wellness has made a goal of inspiring individuals in many different settings to thrive by finding balance and unlocking their full capabilities. Reach out to Jackie, to find out if her presentation is the right fit for your event.


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